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  • Problem with Account

    hi, i sent several Mails !! and there were no Answers so i have to here to write my Problem. Why did you answer the Email by Problem report in the Game? is this Function now useless?
    When i start the game first time my account is normal. Fulled by items and all stages are released. But if the Connection is disconnected and start the game again, my account is different and it has no items.
    It seems like that it is the first Character given to Beginner.
    Two accounts are log in to the Game center!! I can’t understand, how it is possible
    there is no way to check my logged account neither in the Game nor in the Game center.
    Before the update, i could log in, when i saw this Character for Beginner.
    Now i have to erase and new download the game again and again, because the Character is changed after several minutes or longer. It is really annoying.
    Please set my main account stably : (((
    I set the name of beginners character like my main Character, but you can see that, compare with my main Character it has nothing

    Please send your Answer to my Email
    My main Character’s name is : TJ Youtube
    I’m very tired of that repeatedly doing - erase and new download