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Need help with my new phone

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  • Need help with my new phone

    I bought a new phone and used the
    Old email address from the old account, now I have
    the problem that my Wohle customize
    Items and my level in the multiplayer arena
    Mode got reseted
    The single player mode has been taken over as well
    Robot Task, Medieval Quest, Winter Mission and
    the jewels for powerups
    if it helps to restore my old account
    I have the User ID from Multiplayer Arena but i dont know
    where i can use it to get my Account
    i have some packs and want them back
    Snowman Pack | Campaign Pack | Presidential Pack |
    Valentine‘s Day Pack | Horror Pack | Robot Pack |
    Easter Pack.

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    Hello! You need to send the ID number to me. I will also need an order number from any of the purchases.
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