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BETA : Big mistake

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  • BETA : Big mistake

    Hello... why low medail players must play with someone who have 1300+

    its impossible to get much medails

    i have 970 and i lost 3 games in row and now im in 870

    its unfair for others.

    try make something with this i play with Peoples who have better powerups and another thing is why all arenas are separated? We play with players what are in another arenas...

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    That's a problem for me too, i think this problem occurs because of the few players in the beta version.


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      This is a beta version of the game and there is not enough players to match everyone against their equals. Some match making was added to the beta in the update yesterday but it doesn't work the same as it will in the release version.

      In beta there is around 50 players (depending on the time of day... sometimes there is nobody online!) on two regions at the same time... compared to tens of thousands on the release version. You can understand the difference, right?
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