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  • Cheater in Beta

    Hello i have an report

    Demon player walking trough the wall and bombs and killed everyone

    i Dont have video but try to scan him or something

    much players have problems With him too

    i thing "Beta" have anticheat but if have .... IT not works at all

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    Saw same player and problem.


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      Yeah, I also saw him three times. Also I saw a hacker named "Zayrod" or something like that, I have reported them everytime but I lost points unfairly... so I have now stopped playing beta.
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      • Maija
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        Sorry cein! We don't work on weekends and therefore it takes some time to react on the reports. It's Monday morning now here in Finland and we are all back to work! Hopefully you continue playing the beta. All feedback is valuable!

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      Thank you for letting us know. Always report suspicious players after the match and write some info on why you reported. We'll check Demon and Zayrod.

      Keep up the good work!

      These two players have been banned from the game.
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        Thanks Raisa