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    I found the cards section a bit overwhelming and confusing. Some cards' info are not a lot informative and even after using some their bombs I couldn't get to know functionality _maybe because in the early stage the bombs doesn't have a far range so I didn't find them that useful_

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    My favorite card is the hex with wings. Were you able to find cards that are useful for you?

    Which cards are not informative enough? I can check those
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      Unlocking winged bombs and upgrading is making them more useful. I just got confused by the fuseless bomb and fully undestand what it does while playing but couldn't think of a usefull way to use it.


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        Another thing, when getting the resources to upgrade a card I get two options with either upgrading the card or using it. The upgarde option takes the place of the info. there's no way to view the info before upgarding and this very usefull for new cards.


        • Maija
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          Yes, this is a bit confusing. The upgrade button opens the same info and you need to tap again to upgrade. We'll need to think about this...