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Unfair Gaming - Real truth about AI in Bomber Friends

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  • Unfair Gaming - Real truth about AI in Bomber Friends

    Hello everyone,

    I've played this game for 2 months and found it interesting. The online battle is really smart and able to simultaneously match players. Have you ever wondered why it is possible because of large number of players online at the same time having the same range of point? No, it's not. At least 1 or often 2 or even 3 of your opponents will be the AI (artificial intelligence) or so-called Computer. I start to notice this strange behaviors of these AI by staying after being dead and watching. They will help each other and team up to kill the players who are real people then one of them, more preferable the lower point, will kill itself. For example, in the 4 players game, 2 of them are AI which tends to throw Winged Wall (mostly amazingly at full level somehow) at one player ulti he/she dies by getting stucked. Then they will move the target to the remained players.

    To be honest, it makes the 4-players game become unfair since you must fight 2 at once instead of each individual players. By matching this way every minutes, their AI accounts get high and higher point then some of them even climbed up to rank 1, 2 or 3 in the top worldwide. I know you guys face limited number of players but please stop using these clones because it will hinder player's chance to achieve higher rank and point, together with his/her benefits. Which means for the newbie, it's nearly impossible to win the event, the match or even the daily request even though you set the hardness based on the Ai point.

    I've played so many games with AI build. The developer tends to code AI fight each other too instead of teaming up to fight the player. In the match of 4 players, if 3 of them are AI, what is the percentage of winning for the real players, Hyperkani? Can you win your AI by yourself in these kinds of unfair match? Please fix the AI behavior or your player can't never go up higher or stay longer with the game. He or she will feel like betrayed when they find this real truth.

    My suggested solution is that you should input a code line that makes AI fight each other too instead of just simply team up and kill the non-AI players. They must fight each other first then we, the real human fight them at the end.

    Thank you for reading.


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    Hello Dracupid,

    There are actually no AI in the arena. The players you talk about are real players. You might call it teamplaying but it is difficult to define here.

    I have played this game now for maybe 3 years and found
    some cool players that i have fun playing with (however I
    dont know any of them personally nor do I use discord or
    sth similar to delibaretly try to match with them).
    And of course if I meet them in an arena match I will rather bomb the other players first.
    ​​​​​​Now its difficult to just call it teamplaying and ban players
    doing this because you also just might call it strategical
    playing. Since my friends are mostly very highly ranked
    it makes sense to bomb the weaker ones first in order to avoid losing too many points (-40 for 4. place at my rank).

    ​​​​​​One way for hyperkani to resolve this issue would be to just hide the nametags during matches. So you would not know against who you are playing. However, I am not sure if the community would like that. Because it is indeed much more fun to randomly encounter people youve played against since long times (and otherwise where would the "friends" of "bomber friends" be then ​​​​​​).
    Or maybe implement this hiding just for arena but not for the other game modes?




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      Hello Min,

      Thank you for your shared thought. I bet they are AI and I am well awared of team playing in the game. I think I should capture video to reveal the truth of Hyperkani. However, either they are AI or team playing, it definitely is unfair to solo player. It should be considered a kind of hacking the game since they are using the matching system to benefit themselves.


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        Hello. Yes nowadays it is common to have AI opponents in multiplayer environment to speed up the queue times, but Bomber Friends doesn't do this. All players encountered in the Arena are real players!


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          “but Bomber Friends doesn't do this”, Sure