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  • Suggestions for In-game.

    Hello, I have a list of suggestions or ideas that could be implemented in-game to help keep the community both entertained and active. (Both new and older bombers).

    I have a list of categories to help with understanding my suggestions, aslo to help me cover each and every suggestion I have in mind, so bear with me. (This is my first time posting upon forums for suggestions).

    Chat Greetings: "Gotcha!", "Oh snap! , "Almost!", "Run!", "Wow!", "You're good", "I'll get you!", "Everytime!", "Yes", "No", "Maybe".

    Also unsure if you guys would, but I'd definitely support the implementation of emotes.

    As far as bombs go, this could be cool but it's all up to the development team.

    Rainbow bomb: When placed each bomb shoots a different smoke color in correlation to the rainbow spectrum. Hence, The first placed bomb shoots red smoke. Second bomb, orange smoke. Third bomb, yellow smoke. So on and so forth..

    Animation bombs?: Bombs that change color when placed. (The actual bomb itself changes color). There's two ways this could be interpreted.
    Way #1: The bomb actually changes color in real time, it 'animates'.
    Way #2: Likewise with the rainbow smoke, but instead of the smoke the actual bomb changes color. Maybe you could add the two together? Hmm.

    Character model(s):
    Sometimes it really bugs me that when I get a head that's brown colored but the actual body outfit skin color is off tone. Brown toned head, white hands...
    Maybe you guys could add another slider option in the color bar that edits skin tone?

    A Outfit Saving/Favorite option, so that we can easily access older outfit combinations we used.

    *Customization ideas:

    - A surgeons mask (google "surgeon mask fashion") for a clear reference on the style.

    -Sleeping (tilted head with tiny "zzz..." message or so.)

    Maybe add different victory/loss dances for the matchmaking lobby.

    Game modes:
    Maybe a chaos gamemode with special powerups such as illusion bombs.
    These bombs take the APPEARANCE of a bomb and the EFFECT of another bomb.
    Like the bomb may look like a smoke bomb but when it ignites it blows up like a tnt bomb or a regular bomb appearance and blows up with the effect of a stun bomb.
    Combinations can be randomized.

    Player Stats:
    Maybe a K: D's (Kills to Deaths) counter for players accounts so that we can see other bombers stats, and a W:L (Win to Loss) counter place, maybe add this
    to our bomber rank badges icon, we tap it and a little ui opens showing our player name, rank icon and rank name along with
    K: D:R & W:L counter maybe if you want add a counter for Ties aswell? W:L:T?
    You could also add our world rank position to this chart if you so desire.

    Bomber Rank/Milestone Rewards:
    Every achieved rank or score milestone we could be rewarded coins or maybe unlock special costumes or such.

    (I'll try to keep the suggestions comming over the next few weeks, ideas are quite spontaneous.)
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    If 2/22/2022 Is on a Tuesday we should call it 2's day.

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    Hi! Great suggestions! I am loving the "Oh snap!". I am surprised we don't already have "wow". I actually had to check, because I was so sure we have it!

    I'm pretty sure the next greetings would be "wow" and "cool". Or maybe emotes. We haven't really decided this yet.

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