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    Good evening. (Brazil, 11pm)

    I've a suggestion to improve the forum. There could be a category for suggestions, so many topics would not be spread out, or so else create a topic just for that and people would add their suggestions.

    And a suggestion for the game about the events, that there are 3 chances is ridiculous. You'ld withdraw this for those who obtain the pass or set a price to be paid to continue (example: 100 diamonds to continue where you left off).

    Sorry my english's bad. I hope you understand me.

    Boa noite. (Brasil, 23:00h)

    Eu tenho uma sugestão para melhorar o fórum. Pode haver uma categoria para sugestões, para que muitos tópicos não sejam espalhados, ou então crie um tópico apenas para isso e as pessoas adicionariam suas sugestões.

    E uma sugestão para o jogo sobre os eventos de 3 chances, é ridículo. Vocês podem retirar isto para aqueles que obtiverem o passe ou definirem um preço a ser pago para continuar (exemplo: 100 diamantes para continuar de onde pararam).

    Desculpe meu inglês é ruim. Eu espero que você me entenda.
    Buenas noches. (Brasil, 23:00h)

    Tengo una sugerencia para mejorar el foro. Puede haber una categoría para sugerencias, de modo que muchos temas no se extiendan, o cree un tema solo para eso y las personas agregarían sus sugerencias.

    Y una sugerencia para el juego sobre los 3 eventos casuales es ridícula. Puede retirar esto para aquellos que obtienen el pase o establecen un precio a pagar para continuar (ejemplo: 100 diamantes para continuar donde lo dejaron).

    Lo siento, mi inglés es malo. Espero que me entiendas

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    Hello! We plan to clean up the Forum soon. Delete old topics that are no longer relevant etc.

    We have had couple of events were it was possible to continue. If I remember correctly it was 30 gems. Players were complaining it is too much and we haven't had those events anymore. Maybe we could try a model what works similar to Dungeon Run. You could continue as many times you like, but each time it is more expensive.
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    • OD1N
      OD1N commented
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      Too much? 30 gems?
      Sorry, I think this is ideal there's nothing to complain about. That's tough but I find it very cheap.

      On forum, it's a good decision to delete old topics. Create new subforums too.
      It would also be good to have Discord it's a great platform for communication and many players already have it installed it.
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    • xupacu
      xupacu commented
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      I remember a recent event (gems ​​rush I think) where you paid 10 diamonds to continue where you left off, I even saw people reaching level 500 because of that, I like the idea of ​​being able to pay to continue where you left off, they should add, for those who have the pass a lower value, and for those who do not have, a higher value, something like 30/15 diamonds.
      today I reached level 8 of the event, and literally every time I died, it was because of bugs, like going through a place that has no wall but suddenly a wifi icon appears and you die, or when you put a bomb at the beginning of the match, and when you put another one, a wifi icon appears on the first bomb, locking you up and making you die, apart from lag, players teleporting across the map and their bombs just pop out of nowhere, making it impossible to play against them, so I think it’s only right that I had the option to pay and continue, because who knows when you’re going to fix these bugs...