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Season Pass and 2vs2

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  • Season Pass and 2vs2

    Hey everyone

    I really liked the idea of the season pass. However I think paying 500 gems every time is too much. How about rewarding actively playing people? Like if you got the season pass then as a reward after 10 days actively playing you get 100 gems, after 20 days 150 gems and after 30 days 250 gems. So that if youre an active player you basically have to pay for the pass only once and get the required gems for the next season via playing much.

    Another thing, for 2vs2 events i often struggle because i get a teammate who doesnt realise that im in his team. How about adding an emote (with sound) saying sth like "same team" and making this emote available only in 2vs2 events. Further you might make it such that only teammates are able to see this emote in the match (so you wouldnt get confused when an enemy does that emote).
    Another approach might be to include a short screen before the match which shows all 4 players in a style:
    Player1 and Player2 vs Player 3 and Player4
    with the avatars above or below. So that in the beginning it would be totally clear who is teamed up.


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    Siempre hubo problemas con eso, pero trata de ir directamente a tus oponentes ignorando a tu equipo así se dará cuenta en que equipo está


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      Hello Min!

      Thank you for your post and comments on the Season Pass! This was our first season and we are still learning ourselves. I understand your idea about rewarding players who play a lot, but It can't be with gems. In order to keep the game alive we need players to buy gems. Players who have already gotten the pass usually play all the tiers anyway. With your idea everyone would always get the next season pass for free. This would be pretty bad for us. We would do a lot of work in making new reward items (bombs, costumes, emotes) and then just give them away for nothing? Not a good business I hope you understand what I mean.

      The problem with the noobs in 2 vs 2 is a real one. Even I sometimes forget it was a team match and try to kill my team mate. I have often thought about a "same color same team" -emote. Problem is that most players don't speak English. The emote should be something that is understandable without language or words. Any great ideas on this?

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