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Fan art policy - READ BEFORE POSTING!

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  • Fan art policy - READ BEFORE POSTING!

    We know our fans are amazing! It makes us really happy to see Fan Art and YouTube videos about Bomber Friends. Here you can share your own artwork.

    Only share fan content that you have made yourself or you have permission to use. Note that anything you post here can be shared on our official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. By posting you give us permission to share your content. We will give credit to the username if not stated otherwise. So if you want your real name mentioned write it in the post.

    Posting a Fan Art on the forum doesn't automatically mean your art will be featured on #FanArtFriday. If your picture (or other art form) is selected we might reward you if you provide your Player ID number.

    Please make sure you have enough lights on when you take a photo of your drawing. This will better your chances of getting chosen for #FanArtFriday!
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