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Creation of two new cards

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  • Creation of two new cards

    1- Kick bomb: (Similar to the ability to kick bombs from the medieval mission.)

    Description: Kick a bomb towards your opponent and blow it up when you least expect it!

    Rarity: Rare

    During its evolution, it is possible to increase the number of blocks that the pump advances. At the maximum level, you can have 2 or 3 bombs and advance 6 blocks.

    2- Snow-ball (similar to that used in the winter mission):
    Description: Throw a snowball towards your opponent. When hit, he will be stunned while planning his next move.
    Rarity: Epic

    At lower levels, the stun time varies depending on the card's level. you can progress to level 7 at most. Having two snowballs and a maximum stun time of 2.5 seconds per card.(subject to change). Its game mechanics are the same as the snowball used in the winter mission.

    (Translated by google translator).


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    Canal hakai 23 Gostei bastante dessas idéias, mas acho que um estudo melhor seria ótimo!


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      Originally posted by android View Post
      Canal hakai 23 Gostei bastante dessas idéias, mas acho que um estudo melhor seria ótimo!
      Realmente me deu arrepios! Eu gostei!


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        Me gustó mucho el de patear la bomba, pero sería mejor que la bomba la puedan patear todos, porque si te llegarán a tirarte una de esas de la puedes devolver.
        y sobre las bolas de nieve, creo que no sería muy bueno, la gente ya ni se movería para jugar, solo te aturdirian y te encerraron de la forma más fácil


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          I really Like This post


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            Esto tendría en gran cambio es todos los mazos que usa la gente en Bomber Friends y eso es mucho más divertido que ver a todos usando Muro alado Bomba alada y fila de bombas


            • EDAN
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              Tienes razón, que divertido sería patearle las bombas que te tiran XD

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            I sure would like to see people kicking each others bombs Good ideas!
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